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About Us

Fit-Med Health is a medical establishment which blends evidence based preventive medicine and wellness to keep its members healthy and outside the walls of a hospital. At Fit-Med, we have a passion for keeping people healthy and productive throughout their lifetime. We believe the best medicine is to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place. We are committed not only to keeping people healthy, but also in reversing aged long chronic diseases in individuals willing to make a positive change in their lives. Our main goal is to build healthy communities by empowering and providing individuals with the tools and information needed to maintain good health, prevent chronic diseases and reduce their overall use of acute and long term medical care facilities, thereby indirectly reducing their overall healthcare expenditure. We take a pro-active approach to caring for our members by constantly checking and empowering them to live a healthy lifestyle. We offer our clients a one-stop shop for fitness, nutrition, stress management, primary and preventive care services under one roof.

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