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All Your Health Care Questions

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How does our practice membership plan work?

For one low monthly payment, you'll receive the highest quality care for routine primary and preventive care, diagnosis of new complaints and regular follow-ups, medication prescriptions, lab tests and imaging orders, specialty referrals and coordination of your care within the healthcare system. You can have as many visits as medically necessary, with enough time to speak with your provider and as permitted, same day visits when able to. If included in your membership, you'll receive customized nutrition, fitness and mental health counseling, with regular visits as necessary.

The economics of our practice

The average out of pocket healthcare expense of an individual in America exceeds $1000 a year, this includes co-pays and deductibles and co-insurance. And because of the business of medicine, patients are often rushed, quickly referred to specialist for more costly visits, and in some cases the low quality of care can lead to ER visits for avoidable problems which adds more cost, most of which are transferred to the patient. Our annual membership fee is much less than what most Americans spend out of pocket for their care even when they have health insurance, our unrushed visits addresses the root causes of the medical complaint and our wellness program is designed to help keep you healthy. These have the potential to further decrease your out of pocket expenditure by avoiding costly specialty care, ER visits or multiple medications for preventable chronic illnesses.

What is not covered through this plans?

We will not cover the cost of any lab test and imaging, immunization, pregnancy related care, emergency and hospital visits.

Do you accept insurance?

No we do not accept insurance but we encourage you to maintain health insurance coverage, to cover other health related expenses like lab work, imaging, emergency room visits and surgeries, specialty care etc. 

How do I sign-up for your practice

Signing up for our practice can be easily done on our website on the pricing and plan tab. We can also be contacted if further questions exist and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

What is your cancellation policy

You are free to cancel your membership anytime. If transferring care to a different practice, we will make available all your medical records upon request to the new practice to ease with continuity of care.

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